Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sunday, May 2, 2010

For those of you keeping score

No, we haven't spoken to them and yes, the FIL sent the Kiddo an Easter card and the Hubz a Birthday card.

No, we haven't open either and yes, the curiosity is killing me.

Maybe I should feel bad about this....

As you may recall my MIL thinks of our garden as her garden.

A few years back I was working from home in the morning since I had a photo shoot in my 'hood in the afternoon. At some point during the morning she must have come over because when I went to let the dog out she was working away.

I said 'hello' and she said something about not knowing I was home (my car was in the driveway) and not wanting to bother me (cough). She asked that since it looked like rain could she leave her purse and lunch (!) inside. I agreed and reminded her to lock up when she left.

So, I guess I must have locked the back door behind me (which I always do) because when I got home that night we had a message that she had walked all the way home in the pouring rain (hungry) because I had locked her out of the house.

I did feel a bit bad but quickly got over it.