Saturday, June 26, 2010


My MIL is Polish. She loves Poland. Everything about Poland is better than Canada.
Even Polish medicine.

Post a trip to Poland we went to visit the InLaws to hear about their adventures. During the visit the Hubz developed a headache (surprised?).

He was offered Apap; which is and I quote 'good Polish medicine!' Apparently it works better than anything you can buy here. Better than Tylenol and Advil or my precious Aleve.
She went so far to say the Canadian Medicine is poison and Tylenol rots your insides.

Actually, if I remember correctly there was a lengthly diatribe about the Canadian government not selling Apap because it is in the pocket of the pharma companies and so on.....

Anyway, I am not keen on the Hubz taking anything without a DIN so I checked out the packaging (not helpful since it was in Polish) and did a little Googling.

Turns out the miracle drug is (wait for it) the active compound of Paracetamol (acetaminophen).

So in other words I had the great pleasure of telling my MIL that her beloved Apap is in fact the Polish name for Tylenol.

...and we have contact

3 months for those of you keeping score.

Let's celebrate with a new blog design, shall we?