Monday, November 30, 2009

Gotta love the view

My MIL feels very comfortable in our home. So much so that she comes by whenever she feels like, usually with no warning or invitation. It could be to garden, to walk the dog or in the past to feed the dog homemade stew (there is a forthcoming post about this one).

You never really know when or what she will be doing.

There have been many times either the Hubz or I have come home one or all of the following scenarios:
  • to find her taking up the whole driveway so that no other car can park
  • to find her sitting on the couch watching the Y&R
  • to find the front door unlocked and her out for a walk with the dog
  • to find many small plastic bags of yard waste at the curb (that won't be picked up because the are small plastic bags)
  • to find random plantings in our front or back garden
  • to find a full and slightly sick dog

Let me put it this way. She is featured in my Google Street View.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Reasons I love My Mother-in-Law - Part Five

I have a potentially life threatening seafood allergy. Something my MIL does not take seriously at all.
It could have something to do with the fact that she changes allergies and food intolerances on a daily basis.

One day she won't drink milk because it gives you cancer, the next day she will only eat dairy because it is good for your skin.

She doesn't use vinegar because it gives her (and I quote) 'yeast issues in her stomach'.

But I digress. It is a Polish tradition that no meat is eaten on Christmas Eve. In fact before I came on the scene X-mas Eve was a virtual seafood festival at the In-Laws.

After my first fish-filled Yule dinner at their place (in which I ate Veggie Lasagna over 5 courses) my MIL kissed me on the mouth and told me to not take the 'silly fish thing' so seriously.

I spent Christmas Day covered in Hives.

Merry Christmas.

(p.s. Since then we have hosted X-mas Eve at our place)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

A little help from my friends

Is there one of my MIL stories you think I need to share with the world?

A personal favourite?

Comment and let me know.

Or if you have a story of your own, I want to hear it!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Reasons I love my Mother-in-Law - Part Four

My MIL has an (let's call it) interesting way of identifying people.

For example, if she were describing me to one of her friends she would likely say 'the Irish girl my son married'. I was not actually born in Ireland and my mother's family is Scottish but you get the point.

Our cleaning lady is 'the Russian women that cleans for us', her neighbour is 'that lovely Polish woman' and so on and so on (I am leaving out the more offensive ones but you can imagine where this might go).

She seems to qualify everyone she meets/interacts with by their race. And not really in a good way. I don't like to use the 'R' word but she is pretty close to the wrong side of the line.

And if you were wondering is this also one of the reasons she is not allowed to be alone in a room with the kid.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just creepy

One year for my birthday my MIL gave me a red silk teddy with matching short shorts.


Reasons I love my Mother-in-Law - Part Three

My dog has outfits - all purchased by my MIL.

Her (my 16 lbs boston terrier) has the following in her 'closet':
  • Snowsuit (with but removed)
  • Parka with fir-trimmed hood
  • Wind breaker
  • Boots
  • Roots fleece
  • 3 sweaters
  • Raincoat
  • Harley Davidson t-shirt with matching cap
  • Fleece PJs
  • Sequined bow tie with collar
And the only thing I have ever put on the dog willingly is a sweater. But that is were I draw the line.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Reasons I love my Mother-in-Law - Part Two

My BFFs threw me a wonderful bridal shower.

It was a great event and I was so happy to celebrate our upcoming destination wedding with all my family and friends.

The mother of one of my BFFs approached my MIL (note: this was the first time they met) and the following transpired:

BFFM: Aren't you so thrilled?

MIL: No not at all.

BFFM: (feels awkward)

MIL: You don't know what it is like, I am losing my son.
(Note: we live 10 mins away)

BFFM: (backs away slowly)

The hubz and I have been married almost 6 years and my BFF and her mum are still talking about this.

Reasons I love my Mother-in-Law - Part One

A few months after I started living with my now Husband, I did as any good daughter-in-law-to-be would do. I invited my MIL out for an afternoon of lunch and Christmas shopping.

Sounds pleasant enough doesn't it?

Boy was it ever. There is nothing better than enjoying a chicken pesto sandwich while the mother of the man you are with drones on and on about how wonderful his ex was, how great a couple they were, how he did wrong by leaving her and how much she wanted to get married and have a family.

Merry Christmas.