Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Remember Me?

For the 5 of you that read this blog, I deeply apologize for the gap in posts.
All has not been quite - it never really is.....

In the spirit of the holiday I thought I would branch out and share a FIL story with you.

You may recall our nuptials took place in Mexico, well, the In-laws thought they would stay a second week. Nice, right? Who doesn't want to spend their honeymoon with their new husband's parents?
We convinced them to go elsewhere - which became us driving them to Cancun to stay with their friends in a condo.

The day after our wedding we rented a car and took the hour long trek to Cancun. We repeatedly ask the FIL for the address and directions but were given vague answers.

Once we got there we were directed all over the town while he 'looked' for the building.
After 2 failed attempts it came out that he had in fact forgotten the address back in Canada and was looking for low rise brown condo building.

Then he made us drop him at hotel so he could call the woman's son to get the address. He had some trouble given he didn't have the number and was trying to call the Ontario operator using 411.

So at this point the Hubz was ready to loose his mind so I used our calling card to call my aunt to have her look up the son's number in the phone book. Brilliant right?

The FIL won't let me call the son - he called and instructed us we had to find the 'To Cancun' - no address just the name.

This is when I lost it and went and called the son myself to, you know, get an address.

It was called the Toucan.
Just saying.

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